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TERIPHIC – Moving on to Terabit transceiver modules, and how to assemble them


As part of its on-going and intensive involvement in international, publicly funded R&D projects, ficonTEC R&D announces its involvement in TERIPHIC, an EU H2020 project starting January 2019 and due to run for 36 months. Having kicked-off in January in Berlin, the goal is to go beyond current 400G transceiver module standards and push development to Terabit transceiver modules having at least 2km reach.

To achieve this, TERIPHIC will leverage photonic integration concepts and develop a seamless chain of component fabrication, assembly automation and module characterization processes as the basis for high-volume production lines.

ficonTEC will contribute by optimizing assembly processes and hardware on a ficonTEC CL1500 system already in use at the Fraunhofer HHI, thus supporting the development of the required automated assembly hardware appropriate for high-volume manufacturing for as yet to be detailed module-specific align-&-attach processes. In the final stages of the project, ficonTEC will put forward a concept for the entire high-volume production line. Ultimately, the new transceiver design introduced by TERIPHIC will allow significant cost savings, not only due to assembly automation at the TOSA/ROSA stage, but also at the packaging level, and resulting in a cost below 1€/Gbps for the transceiver modules.
More details can be found at Fraunhofer HHI and via the EC’s CORDIS website.

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