TERIPHIC Project at BCICTS 2021 Symposium

TERIPHIC project partner III-V Lab participated at 2021 IEEE BiCMOS and Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits and Technology Symposium (BCICTS) with a publication entitled "Design, modelling and characterization of a 3-Vppd 90-GBaud over-110-GHz-bandwidth linear driver in 0.5-μm InP DHBTs for optical communications".

The publication is written by R. Hersent, Tom K. Johansen, V. Nodjiadjim, F. Jorge, B. Duval, F. Blache, M. Riet, C. Mismer and A. Konczykowska.

In this publication, the authors present the modelling, design and characterization of a 3-Vppd linear-output-swing 90-GBd PAM-4 modulator driver, realised in III-V Lab's in-house 0.5-μm InP DHBT technology (380/520-GHz fT/fmax , 4.2-V BVCE0 ). The driver exhibits 13-dB equalisation capabilities at 95 GHz with a bandwidth well beyond 110 GHz. It features a 0.67-W power consumption, resulting in a 1.5-GBd FoM with good output signal quality. To the best of our knowledge this linear driver shows the highest >64 GBd PAM-4 performance in current state-of-the-art, without DSP nor pre-emphasis. They also report on a newly developed 0.5-μm InP DHBT technology and its modelling using small-value external parasitic EM-simulation extraction, showing improved high-frequency prediction accuracy at circuit level.

The IEEE BiCMOS and Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits and Technology Symposium (BCICTS) technical sub-committees are organized to reflect the rapidly evolving developments in bipolar, BiCMOS and compound semiconductor circuits and devices.

Τhe conference took place from 5-8 December 2021 at Monterey, CA, USA.

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