TERIPHIC project will participate at OFC 2022 with a paper presentation by our project partner Fraunhofer HHI.

The paper that will be presented is entitled "Uncooled 100 GBd O-Band EML for Datacom Transmitter Arrays" and it is written by Ute Troppenz, Michael Theurer, Martin Moehrle, Ariane Sigmund, Marko Gruner and Martin Schell.

According to the paper, 100 GBd is demonstrated from 30°C to 70°C with O-Band InP EML array chips. Modulation bandwidths are above 50 GHz, and an integrated SOA ensures 10 dBm, while a single active layer allows for cost-effective manufacturing.

The presentation will be given by Ute Troppenz, during the session “High-speed Semiconductor Lasers”.

➡️ March 7, 2022      -  (UTC - 08:00)    ➡️Presentation Number: M3D.4

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